About Yodatech

Yodatech is a french based software company dedicated to providing management tools since 1989 in various fields, and specialized in currency exchange software for the last 15 years. Yodaforex.Inc was setup as a canadian subsidary in 2010.

Today Yodaforex is used by 80% of french Currency Exchange agents, and altogether by 350+ customers in 10 different countries, summing up about 500 currency exchange desks and 6 millions recorded transactions a year.

Our philosophy

Any piece of software is at its best a smart, efficient and reliable tool, but only worth the knowledge of the trade it is serving and the adequacy to fulfill the relevant "best practices"

For this reason, our approach to building the smartest tools integrates 3 levels :

  • collecting and understanding needs and trends from the place they belong, i.e. from our customers ;
  • monitoring new developments in regulations, discuss their implications with our customers and adapting the procedures encapsulated in the software ;
  • bringing innovative solutions through computer wizardry.

What did we learn from this, what new challenges will you have to face tomorrow, how can we help ?