Yodaforex, the reference solution for Currency Exchange Offices

The first version of Yodaforex, management software for currency exchange offices, was created in 1989 and hasn't stopped evolving since.

More than 350 customers across 3 continents

Adopted by many currency exchange offices and gold negociators, Yodaforex has proven its reliability with millions of recorded transactions.

A thorough software, compliant and in permanent evolution

Our knowledge about different laws and legal obligations per countries (FAFT, FINTRAC, FINCEN...) made our Yodaforex software a complete firewall and integrated management tool for compliance and traceability of all transactions. We update our software at every changes made by laws or obligations.

A legal and technological firewall

Geographical Opening

Our experience in managing the activity of a currency exchange and its laws and obligations (FAFT, terrorism financing activities) enable us to offer a version of Yodaforex adapted to your country's laws and obligations.

Yodaforex already works for

  • Canada ;
  • France ;
  • Spain ;
  • United Kindgom ;
  • Switzerland ;
  • Belgium

Other countries ?

Interested in Yodaforex? Contact us to see if we can adapt Yodaforex to your needs.

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